AIRC General Meeting 2020 in Iceland

AIRC General Meeting 2019 in Croatia
Picture: J├╝rgen Klasing


AIRC task

  • to be the international platform for many body builders, painters and vehicle builders.

AIRC vision

  • to develop interaction between members, supply information, and staying on being the platform in the future.

The AIRC International was founded in the 1970, and since then, we have been the foundation for many organizations around the world. Our task is, to be a network, in which the different countries can communicate with each other and find solutions to problems or answers to questions.

We work closely together with other important organizations within the automotive business, and lobby in Brussels, to get influence legislation and regulations where needed. The freedom to repair is one of our major tasks, to ensure the right of the independent operators to exist in the automotive business.

Three different chapters

The AIRC is divided in three different chapters:

  • the European chapter
  • the American chapter
  • the Asian chapter

The Board of the AIRC

Elections of President and board members take place at the yearly General Meeting. Every member state can present a person for the election, which is performed in a democratic way.

Our President is Detlev Thedens, ZKF Germany.