Quality and correct repair – a MUST for traffic safety!

The AIRC provides the means to quality certification using the Eurogarant® standard for body work and paint, the only recognized international standard within damage repair. The Eurogarant® standard has been introduced in 2004, and today it is a major player, enabling organizations in different countries to provide the possibility of certification, training and assistance. Eurogarant® is a registered Trademark of AIRC International.

Many countries use the standard to get influence and show the way to correct repair, ensuring safety for the passengers and driver.

Keep the stars



After a crash, the car has to be repaired in such a way, that safety is not in danger.
When cars are tested by NCAP for safety, it is vital that damaged cars again are safe after a damage repair, as before the exident occured, to keep the NCAP stars.
Eurogarant® is the vital tool to ensure this.

Independent auditor

The Eurogarant® quality standard has to be audited by independent operators with special know-how on the field.

The standard is described by the AIRC rules on following areas:

  • Equipment and tools
  • Repair instructions
  • Local environmental & safety law
  • Education and know-how
  • Company outlook
  • Customer relation
  • Warranty

The benefit of Eurogarant® lies with the customer who is ensured to drive a fully and safe repaired vehicle, meeting safety demands and underlined by the Eurogarant® warranty.